Publishing to Kindle: A Primer

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Stephen Case’s story, “Barstone,” appeared in Shimmer #13. It’s about a monster, of sorts. It’s about a romance, of sorts. It’s just plain good storytelling. Stephen joins us here to talk about his new short fiction collection, Trees and Other Wonders, and how he came to publish it.  # When I first started writing, I considered self-publishing online. This though … Read More

ElisePublishing to Kindle: A Primer


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Ellen Datlow has once again put together a list (starting here) of honorable mentions to accompany the stories in her Best Horror of the Year 4 collection. Shimmer is honored to have four stories on that list. Congratulations to K.M. Ferebee (“Bullet Oracle Instinct”), L.L. Hannett (“Gutted”), E.C. Myers (“All the Lonely People”), and J.J. Irwin (“Haniver”). You can find … Read More


Windows, Mirrors, PodCastles!

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Ferrett Steinmetz’s “A Window, Clear as a Mirror” is this week’s featured story at PodCastle. The story first appeared in Shimmer 13. Congrats, Ferrett! Readers, if you haven’t already lost yourself in this tale, seems like now is an ideal time. Malcolm Gebrowski returned from his job at the stamp factory to discover his wife had left him for a magic … Read More

EliseWindows, Mirrors, PodCastles!

Reader’s Choice Winner

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A little while ago, we asked our readers to vote for their favorite story from Issue 13. And the winner is . . . Four Household Tales (As Told by the Giant Squid), by Poor Mojo’s Giant Squid. Once upon a time there did travel two monks: a wise Giant Squid and his student, Abram Lincoln. Long did the two … Read More

BethReader’s Choice Winner

Issue 13: Reader’s Choice Survey

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Gentle Readers! We want to know what you think about Issue 13, so we set up a quick survey. It should take you less than a minute to complete. Here’s the fun part: whichever story gets the most votes? We’ll work with that story’s author to put the whole story up online so everyone can read it. Help your favorite … Read More

BethIssue 13: Reader’s Choice Survey


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The Portal has some mighty kind things to say in their in-depth review of Shimmer #13. The stories themselves, for the most part serious or even melancholy, are built on fresh ideas or at least interesting twists on established ones. Their fantastical elements range from the overt—mermaids and magic portals—to the mere shimmer of possibility hovering just beneath their surfaces. … Read More


Good Things

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People are saying good things about Shimmer #13. Are you one of them? If you’ve reviewed Shimmer, let us know! Shimmer Number 13 is here and, once more, is delightful. In a previous review, I said that the stories in Shimmer were like piece of fudge. Well, I read this issue in the week after Easter and it seemed like … Read More

EliseGood Things

Shimmer #13: Interview Index

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So many outstanding stories in Issue #13, and we’re treating you to a little extra content from the authors themselves!  Follow the links to read what they had to say about their Shimmer #13 stories, and the creative process. Squid and unicorns–Shimmer #13 is special. “Bullet Oracle Instinct,” by K.M. Ferebee “Labrusca Cognatus,” by Erik T. Johnson “Gutted,” by L.L. … Read More

EliseShimmer #13: Interview Index

Issue #13: J.J. Irwin on “Haniver”

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” ‘Haniver’ started life as my week-four story at Clarion South. Our tutor for the week was Gardener Dozois, and I wanted to write something closer to the science fiction end of the spec fic spectrum.” Read J.J. Irwin’s entire Shimmer interview, and then listen to a bit of “Haniver” from Shimmer #13. “Tim Powers, Patricia McKillip, William Gibson and … Read More

EliseIssue #13: J.J. Irwin on “Haniver”

Issue #13: L.L. Hannett, on “Gutted”

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“Rain was lashing the car as we drove, the wind was chilly, the sky grey — and the husband wanted to keep his wife from temptation. I didn’t hear the rest of the stories that day. My mind was abuzz.” Read the rest of L.L. Hannett’s Shimmer interview! L. L. Hannett reads from “Gutted,” her Shimmer #13 story. “…my stories … Read More

EliseIssue #13: L.L. Hannett, on “Gutted”