Five Questions with Shimmery Staff: Honey

We recently got a little distracted by bees an honey and how awesome both are, so a bonus honey round in the Shimmer Staffer questions! Victims Participants this time include: Beth Wodzinski, Sean Markey, Grá Linnaea, Sophie Wereley, and Keffy Kehrli.

We all agree that bees rock, so what’s your favorite kind of honey?

BW: Any kind that causes botulism in infants in a dystopian future. You just can’t win in a dystopia, man. (Fictional infants! Fictional!)

KK: I don’t actually know anything about bees. Therefore, I would have to say that my favorite kind of honey is the kind that has been harvested, packaged, and is on sale at a supermarket near me.

SM: Cinnamon 🙂

SW:  Wildflower! Bees actually need lots of different pollens and nectars to create honey that’s complex in its nutrient content. Clover, almond, orange blossom, and other single-flower honeys might actually stunt the health of a hive. Buy wildflower honey! Support your bee-buds!

GL: Clover! No, Blackberry! Wait … Mesquite!

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  1. Well as long as it has nothing to do with that last M. Night Shamaylan movie… whew! I want my two hours back!

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