Art Guidelines

What to send us: We’re looking for art that complements the stories we publish: speculative, original and compelling. For each issue, we’re looking for one color piece for our cover, and a few black and white or grayscale illustrations for the interior. We want art that tells a story and that pushes the boundaries of illustration in the same way speculative fiction pushes boundaries.

A few things to note that will improve your chances:

  • Know where the light source is coming from in your piece.
  • Please use a model or photo reference if you are trying for realism.
  • It is not enough to have a well-rendered figure; figures must be part of a strong composition.

Payment and Rights: Cover, $90. All contributors receive a copy of the issue in which your illustration appears. We are purchasing the right to display your art on the Shimmer website and within the ebook edition. 4 months after purchase, most rights return to the artist, but we retain the right to continue selling back issues of the magazine and the right to archive your art.

Formatting: Acceptable formats are PC compatible .tif, .jpg, .gif, .pdf. 72 dpi with dimensions no greater than 400 pixels horizontal x 600 pixels vertical. If your art is accepted, the editors will ask for a larger file with 200 dpi resolution.

How to Submit: Submit art via e-mail to Make sure the subject line begins with Art Submission. Please submit only one piece at a time. For portfolio review, please query or provide a link to an online portfolio.

Other: Please indicate in your query if you are interested in creating illustrations for a story or are only offering existing work for use.

Also, while we love photography, we rarely purchase it.

Questions: Still have questions? Use our contact form to get in touch.

To give you an idea of my taste, here are some artists whose work we love and use. You must be as good as or better than these very talented people for me to covet your work for Shimmer.
Carrie Ann Baade
Sandro Castelli
Chrissy Ellsworth
David Ho
Aunia Kahn
James Owen
John Picaccio

Speculative fiction for a miscreant world

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