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Beth WodzinskiBeth Wodzinski, Publisher
Beth’s fiction has appeared in Flash Fiction Online, Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest, and Fictitious Force recently. She tests software for a living and admits to a fondness for reality TV. She’s @bethwodzinski on Twitter.


E. Catherine Tobler, Senior Editor
Among others, her fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, BCS, and on the Sturgeon Award ballot. Follow her on Twitter @ECthetwit where she sure is enthusiastic about baking, football, and outer space!

Nicola Belte

Nicola Belte, Editor
Nicola lives in Birmingham, U.K, and is a part-time barmaid, part-time MA student, and an in-between time writer.  Her work has been published in Spilling Ink Review, What the Dickens? Magazine, and Dogzplot, amongst others, and you can find her at her blog, here:

Sophie Wereley, Editor
Her Ladyship Czarina of All Sentences and Most Excellent Taster of Cake, has secluded herself in the mysterious hills of Washington, DC. She has a soft spot for feral cats and a great admiration for guerrilla gardeners. Her fiction has appeared in Daily Science Fiction and Intergalactic Medicine Show. You can find her all over the web, including on Twitter (@sayitwhirly) and her blog .


Joy Marchand, Editor 
Joy lives and works in Salem, Massachusetts, where tragedy haunts the cemeteries, creatures of myth and legend hit you up for cash, and magic is for sale. Her short stories and poems have appeared in Interzone, Talebones, Apex, and Goblin Fruit, as well as various anthologies of science fiction, fantasy, and horror.

suzanSuzan Palumbo, Associate Editor
Suzan lives in Ontario, Canada, where she is an ESL teacher and writer. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, her life is a fusion of Caribbean and Canadian culture. She grows tomatoes in the summer, sips warm drinks in the winter, and is always wrangling her two kids.

joshJosh Storey, Associate Editor
Josh has only ever had three career ambitions: astronaut, Superman, and writer.  Since he’s no good at math and (as far as his parents will admit) not from Krypton, he’s going with option three. Josh occasionally blathers about writing, comic books, and other geekery on twitter @soless.

lindsayLindsay Thomas, Associate Editor
Lindsay is a writer based in Denver, Colorado. She can often be found playing trivia at her neighborhood brewery, competing in poetry slams, peering at the sky for funnel clouds, or serving as commissioner of her fantasy football league. Her work has appeared in The Skinny and The Fogdog Review. She tweets and retweets at @finstergrrrl.

Laura Blackwell

Laura Blackwell, Copy Editor
Laura is a writer, editor, and journalist. Her publications include PCWorld, Strange Horizons, TechHive, and the Ocean Stories and Puzzle Box anthologies. You can follow her on Twitter at @pronouncedlahra and visit her website at

Sandro CastelliSandro Castelli, Minister of Art
Sandro was born and lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Working as a free-lance illustrator, he collaborates with several national and international magazines and companies. The obscure and the fantastic are his subjects of choice, coupled with a deep obsession for human anatomy.

Sean Markey, Minister of Distribution

Sean’s fiction has been published in Strange Horizons, and Fantasy Magazine. He enjoys playing the drums, watching videos of baby owls, and dreaming of life as a storm chaser. You can follow  his adventures at, or find him on twitter: @seanmarkey


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