Shimmer #38

Sometimes, especially now, you need a dash of the old-fashioned adventure story. You’ll find a couple of those herein, but we’ve also thrown old-fashioned out the window, because we’re Shimmer, and that tends to be what we do.

Salamander Six-Guns, by Martin Cahill
He descended on the town like a saint sent from Dark Heaven six-guns shining like twin torches in his hands, down to the border where we had our battle on. Summers are always the worst in Sunblooders Stand, as the scale-folk grow riled earlier in the bright days. (6800 words)

Itself at the Heart of Things, by Andrea Corbin
On the floor, I hiked my skirts up and began to disassemble myself, starting with my left knee. “How is that going to stop the Szemurians? How is that going to protect us? Can’t you help me, for God’s sake?” (3000 words)

Maps of Infinity, by Heather Morris
The difference between you and the humans, when it comes right down to it, is not in the protrusions of gnarled bone and horn that jut from the apex of your skull, or in the coarse fur that contrasts so spectacularly with the other parts of you, the parts that are mere human skin, or in your roar, or your pain, or their avarice. (3400 words)

The Moon, the Sun, and the Truth, by Victoria Sandbrook
Dust rising over the next scrub-covered hill gave away the rider’s position even before the incoming trash-guzzler’s growl settled around Andy’s ears. She waited as patiently as you could on a jittery horse that didn’t know you well, in sun that’d singe any hint of bare skin. (1500 words)

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