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Welcome to Shimmer Magazine! We publish contemporary fantasy short stories, with a few ventures into science fiction or horror, and the stories tend to be tinged with sorrow (though we’re not averse to the occasional funny tale). We release several issues a year, in gorgeous print and electronic editions. Our stories have been reprinted in Best American Fantasy 3 and Rich Horton’s Year’s Best Fantasy and Science Fiction, and get pretty terrific reviews.

Our first issue was released in the fall of 2005. What made us start a magazine? Honestly? It seemed like fun, and we were too naive to know any better.  Luckily, despite the challenges, it’s still fun; and the thrill of discovering and publishing amazing stories never palls. We’ve learned a lot since that first issue, and are stronger than ever.

Who are we? Check out our Shimmery People page for information about the staff.

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