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We can’t do what we do without the support of the speculative fiction community. Shimmer is tiny, but fierce — but gracious we’d also love to grow! The fiction may be free for you, but we’re supporting authors and artists. How can you support us? Read on!


The lifeblood of Shimmer is subscriptions. Subscribers get six issues of Shimmer, delivered straight to your email. You get to choose your format and download your issues to your device. $15 covers one year, which is like getting a free issue of Shimmer every year. Digital issues include editorials and author interviews, which are available nowhere else. Every issue of Shimmer is DRM free. Subscribe!

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At the end of every year, we bundle the Shimmer stories into a pretty trade paperback book, that will look lovely on your shelves! It’s a great way to preserve what you love best about Shimmer, the fiction. It’s also a great way to share Shimmer with your friends and family. Who doesn’t love a book! Grab some books!

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When we post new fiction online, we post to places like Twitter and Facebook. Follow us on social media and share the word when we have new issues and stories. Many of our authors are being published for the first time, and you boosting their works on Twitter and the like is a huge help to those just starting out. Follow us!

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Issues of Shimmer are on Amazon, Weightless Books, and other outlets, as well as on Goodreads. Your reviews help other readers know if what we’re doing is right for them. If you liked an issue, or even a single story, let people know!

Buy Our Merch and #Resist!

Our incredibly talented badger Josh has drawn some badgers for us and we’re sharing them with you! You can find our badger merchandise in our Redbubble store — along with prints of our covers by Sandro Castelli. Every purchase helps support the Southern¬† Poverty Law Center, which is more important than ever. Redbubble it!

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Every story on the Shimmer site has comments enabled. If you liked something, leave a comment. Let readers and authors know. You might be surprised how important that is!

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