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Ferrett Steinmetz Ferrett Steinmetz, Webmaster Emeritus — Ferrett Steinmetz has been published in Asimov’s (twice!), Beneath Ceaseless Skies, GUD Magazine, Andromeda Spaceways InFlight Magazine, and (most happily of all) Shimmer, among others. He spent twenty years locked in an ugly writer-hibernation, getting nowhere, until the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop provided the cheat code to his secret writer-power. Later on, he picked up a magic mushroom boost at the Viable Paradise Workshop. He lives in Cleveland with his wife, a game of Rock Band, and a friendly ghost. He blogs entirely too much about his life at The Watchtower of Destruction.
KEFFY Keffy R.M. Kehrli, Editor Emeritus — Keffy R. M. Kehrli graduated from Clarion in 2008 and has published fiction in Apex Magazine, Fantasy Magazine, and Talebones. He currently lives in western Washington, where he is plagued by a traveling morning glory and somebody else’s cats. He affords his extravagant tie collection by doing various forms of alchemy for pay. He knows both stuff and things, although stuff no longer returns his calls and things is on a permanent vacation in the Bahamas. Check out his website at keffy.com.
C. Sän Inman Cory Skerry, Copy Editor and Associate Editor — Cory Skerry lives in Bellingham, WA, where he peddles (and meddles with) art supplies and dreams of moving to a remote Alaskan island. He would need a non-fishing-based income, however, since he mostly just throws rocks into the water and yells, hoping to frighten the fish out. Perhaps someone will buy one of his off-the-wall novels or comics, but if that doesn’t pan out, he’s going to use a time machine to become a highwayman in the 1700s because Johnny Lee Miller made it look hot.
Grá Linnaea, Editor Emeritus
— Grá Linnaea is often writing, bouncing around the world, facilitating writing groups or making really really loud music. He’s a winner of Writers of the Future and attended the 2008 Clarion Workshop. He also sometimes makes art and designs stuff for money. He lives in an intentional community in the Northwest United States. Read his fiction: http://www.gralinnaea.com/
Robert Lee Robert Lee, Creative Director — Robert Lee started as a graphic designer and illustrator a million years ago when you still had to paste up with hot wax, and has designed and directed work for Planned Parenthood, Microsoft, McAfee, Sony, and Visa. His writing has appeared in Clarkesworld, Fantasy Magazine, and a bunch of anthologies. Robert lives in Florida with his wife, two dogs, an idiotic number of cats, and can be found online at http://www.awesomedome.com.
Matt Barron Matt Barron, Minister of Layout Emeritus — Matthew Barron, known as MrSquidink to some, has been a graphic designer for over six years. He’s honed his skills in product development and packaging design deep within the fantasy world of the adult novelty industry. He’s also traveled the wild wilderness of freelance design. When not exploring the deep hallowed halls of design, Matthew is writing epic Dungeons & Dragons adventures and building what he hopes to be a working TARDIS. Fingers crossed! Find out more about him or just say “hi” by following him on twitter @iambarron or visiting his website, MySquidink.com
Micah Joel Micah Joel, Associate Editor Emeritus — Micah is a high-functioning geek living in Silicon Valley, though he escaped long enough to graduate from Viable Paradise in 2010. His published fiction includes a Rainbow Fish slash story and a meditation on alien probing. He’s even published hyperfiction (with co-author Jake Kerr) in the Electric Encyclopedia of Experimental Literature. He hopes to one day decide what he wants to do when he grows up. Find him as @micahpedia on Twitter on in his weblog at http://micahjoel.info/blog/.
Selene O'Rourke Selene O’Rourke, Associate Editor Emeritus — Selene O’Rourke lives in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, where she narrowly dodges avalanches of speculative fiction from her own library. She has studied mathematics, machines, music, magic, and the mind–and tries to use them to weave a yarn worthy of her mythological (and astronomical) namesake, which she hopes to visit someday.
Kristi Buckel Kristi Buckel, Associate Editor Emeritus — Kristi Buckel’s writing has appeared in a notebook hidden under her coffee table and pretty much nowhere else (yet).  She’s an MFA student with far too many YA & speculative fiction books for her own good and desperately hopes that her house will not collapse under the weight of her ever-growing collection.  Kristi hopes that eventually she will see her name on a book – and the free bound copy of her thesis doesn’t count.
Marcia M. Felts Marcia M. Felts, Associate Editor Emeritus — Marcia M. Felts is a photographer, fiction writer, and graphic designer living a stone’s throw from Music City. When she isn’t working on a project, she can usually be found reading, discussing music and movies, playing vet to the family zoo, or jotting down “gift fiction” for friends. Her illustrations have appeared in Tetrahedra and she is extremely proud of her meager film credits.You can follow her on Twitter: @siansa.
Shalene Gupta Shalene Gupta, Associate Editor Emeritus — Shalene Gupta is an omnivorous reader with a serious addiction to speculative fiction Her writing has appeared in various venues including Thought Catalog. She can be found on various corners of the internet ingesting k-dramas, manga and Victorian literature. You can visit her at: www.owlreads.blogspot.com
Christie Skipper RitchotteAssociate Editor Emeritus — Christie Skipper Ritchotte lives in the Salt Lake Valley with her husband and son, and an unwholesome array of (mostly) domesticated animals. Her stories have appeared in Fantasy and Strange Horizons Magazines. She enjoys the sound of one hand clapping. And yeah, she’s still working on that novel. No, not that one; the other one.
Stephen Stanley Stephen Stanley, Art Director Emeritus — Stephen Stanley is an award winning graphic designer who also happens to be an award winning illustrator and writer. His career as a publications designer stretches back to his 1973 BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute, with over 100 corporate annual reports, ten years of consumer and trade magazines, and too many brochures, booklets and other design projects to list. In 2004 he won Writers of the Future and in 2007 he won Illustrators of the Future, becoming the first to win both contests. He continues to write and draw and design (to pay the bills), throwing Shimmer into the mix for the extra spice and love of it. Soon he’ll finish his new website and you’ll be able to see what all the fuss is about, if you want.
Anne Zanoni Anne Zanoni, Editor Emeritus — Anne Zanoni is a voluble person who prefers to be behind the scenes, unless her passions — SCA, dancing, rapier, cons, reading, etc. — get involved. Her cat complains when she “types too much” for his taste. She helps run the Sanctuary Press Writing Workshop, which is held in Michigan annually, and will tell you stories about Penguicon, ConFusion, and ConClave, plus Pennsic War, and sundry other matters… at length.
Grant Simmons Grant Simmons, Associate Editor Emeritus — Grant Simmons is a number man by day, writer by night. In the spare time he tries to cook unburned meals, tackle his unread book pile, and keep up with his cat.
Cheryl Walton Cheryl Walton, Copy Editor Emeritus — Cheryl is a marketing and technical writer by trade; she occasionally writes fiction to amuse herself, owns a pair of leather jeans and two poodles, and claims she’ll work for margaritas.
Sunil Sunil Sebastian, Layout and Editorial Assistant Emeritus — Sunil is a technology consultant who can’t really explain his job but assures you that he’s really good at it. He writes fiction with the hope of one day being successful enough that people will call him “eccentric” instead of “crazy.”
Catherine Knutsson Catherine Knutsson, Associate Editor Emeritus — Catherine Knutsson is a graduate of the University of Victoria (Art History) and the Royal Conservatory of Music. She divides her time between teaching singing, writing, and hiking on Vancouver Island. Her writing has been featured in DKA, Quantum Muse, and Forgotten Worlds.
Eric James Stone Eric James Stone, Webmaster Emeritus — A Writers of the Future Contest winner, Eric James Stone has had stories published by Analog and Intergalactic Medicine Show. His website is www.ericjamesstone.com.
Lisa Mantchev Lisa Mantchev, Associate Editor Emeritus — Lisa Mantchev casts her spells from an ancient tree in the Pacific Northwest. Her work has also appeared at Strange Horizons, Futurismic.com, and in the SFWA anthology New Voices in Science Fiction. She has stories slated to appear in Weird Tales, Fantasy, Electric Velocipede and in Spicy Slipstream Stories.You can Taste the Bad Candy at her website.
David Edwards David Edwards, Associate Editor Emeritus — David Edwards is described by friends as eccentric, moody and in need of a shave. He loves stories that drop a pinch of magic into the ordinary and make it extraordinary. He joined Shimmer because he was promised daily Perrier and bon-bons, and because that’s where such stories are found in abundance. He is a member of Codex Writers’ Group.
Mary Robinette Kowal Mary Robinette Kowal,Art Director Emeritus — Mary Robinette Kowal is a professional puppeteer who moonlights as a writer. Since 1989, she has performed for LazyTown (CBS), the Center for Puppetry Arts, Jim Henson Pictures and founded Other Hand Productions. Her design work has garnered two UNIMA-USA Citations of Excellence, the highest award an American puppeteer can achieve. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kowal has published stories in All-Star Stories: Presents Twenty Epics, Strange Horizons and Apex Digest.

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