Shimmer 2018: The Collected Stories

The final collection of Shimmer stories is here…

This gorgeous volume collects our final year of stories. Cover art by Sandro Castelli. This book includes:

  • Black Fanged Thing, by Sam Rebelein
  • An Incomplete Catalogue of Miraculous Births, or, Secrets of the Uterus Abscondita, by Rebecca Campbell
  • Me, Waiting for Me, Hoping For Something More, by Dee Warrick
  • Held, by Ian O’Reilly
  • The Triumphant Ward of the Railroad and the Sea, by Sara Saab
  • They Have a Name For That, by Sara Beitia
  • The Imitation Sea, by Lora Gray
  • If a bear…, by Kathrin Köhler
  • Faint Voices, Increasingly Desperate, by Anya Johanna DeNiro
  • Gone to Earth, by Octavia Cade
  • What the Skeleton Detective Tells You (while you picnic),
    by Katherine Kendig
  • You, In Flux, by Alexis A. Hunter
  • The Passenger, by Emily Lundgren
  • Milkteeth, by Kristi DeMeester
  • Bleeding Through the Shadows, by David Rees-Thomas
  • Rapture, by Meg Elison
  • The Ghost Pet Detective, by Ryan Row
  • By the Hand That Casts It, by Stephanie Charette
  • Find On Your Body the Bruise, by Maricat Stratford
  • Lighthouse Waiting, by Gwendolyn Clare
  • Dead Things, by Becca De La Rosa
  • Rotkäppchen by Emily McCosh
  • The Witch in the Woods Falls in Love a Third Time, by Kate Lechler
  • Streuobstwiese, by Steve Toase
  • Lake Mouth, by Casey Hannan
  • 40 Facts About the Strip Mall at the Corner of Never and Was, by Alex Acks
  • Antumbra, by Cory Skerry
  • The Time Traveler’s Husband, by A. C. Wise
  • Tyrannocora Regina, by Leonie Skye
  • Rust and Bone, by Mary Robinette Kowal
  • From the Void, by Sarah Gailey
  • Thistledown Sky, by Stephen Case
  • Ghosts of Bari, by Wren Wallis

You can find it in paperback and Kindle! Thank you for your support of Shimmer through the years!

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