Interview with A. L. Pineson

A. L. PinesonA. L. Pineson’s short story, Robot Zombie Vampire Goats of Mars! appears as a special Spring 2006 Bonus.

Questions About the Story

Where did the idea come from?
I was sitting around butting heads with my friends and it just came to me.

How did the story change as you developed it?

You know the advice “Sometimes you have to kill your darlings.” Was there a scene or line that it really hurt to cut, but cutting it made the story stronger? May we reprint that scene or line?
Yes. I had the following description that I was forced to cut:

Tim Beefman’s eyes blazed like two blazing coals stuck in his eye sockets and trying to light his eyebrows on fire. “Miss Scarlet,” he said in his manly voice that spoke of muscles and manliness. “Miss Scarlet, I really must tell you something.”

“Yes? Yes?” Scarlet breathed, in a hush. She flipped her skirt around and tried not to swoon.

“Miss Scarlet,” Tim Beefman leaned in close and whispered with his manly whisperer while leaning in close, “Ah think them Yankeys are horse eaters.”

Questions About Writing

Who do you write for? Yourself or someone else?
Other people. About the only time I write this stuff is when someone asks.

What writing projects are you presently working on?
Tim Beefman and the Robot Spiders of Doom.

Favorite book read when you were a child?
Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Random Questions

Watch much TV? If so, what shows do you watch?
Animal Planet is a favorite.

Favourite restaurant?
Purina Feed Store

Cat or dog person? (or something else, like birds, iguanas, or even evil robot monkeys?)
Chickens are nice.

If you had a working time machine what advice would you give a younger self?
Don’t buck the system, kid.

Quiz: How many writers does it take to change a lightbulb? Please explain your answer:
None. Writers all use CRTs now.

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