Author Interview: Ben Godby

Tell us how ” Anuta Fragment’s Private Eyes” came about.
I thought of the name first. I imagined this awesome female wrestler totally crushing people – “fragmenting” them, if you will. Then I pulled in an evil corporation, a few references to a medieval philosopher, lost the wrestling arc, and the rest is history.

If you could take us one place in Ottawa, where would you take us?
The Rideau Falls. They’re totally majestic, and lend themselves to a dreamscape of aquatic ogres living in their shadow, ready to snatch up tour boat leftovers.

What’s the best book you’ve read lately?
Everything by Joe Abercrombie. I find most medieval fantasy to be very cheesy (even when I enjoy it), but Abercrombie defuses the absurdity that mars a lot of epic and heroic fantasy by making a lot of extremely hilarious jokes. I literally read Joe Abercrombie for the LOLs.

What’s in your iTunes/Spotify/8-track lately?
The “Opus Eponymous” and “Infestissumam” albums by the Swedish band Ghost. Imagine if the Pope worshipped Satan and joined a rock band; that’s Ghost!

What’s your favorite Ray Bradbury book/story?
To be honest, I’ve only read “The Martian Chronicles.” And it was really good. But, yes, I fully realize I am making a shameful display of being a speculative fiction writer.

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