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Issue 12 Cover
Issue 12

Click here to download Monica Byrne’s story “Five Letters From New Laverne.” The story is part of Shimmer’s 12th issue. If you like what you read here, why not buy the full issue?

Here’s an excerpt:

My Hiro,

We descended to the moon, lurch after lurch, like a marble dropping down a staircase. … After we cleared the clouds, I strained to see the colony, which resembles a warren, built out of solid basalt. It houses all twelve residents. The compound rests just within the dark side of the moon. New Laverne does not turn as it orbits, but rather keeps the same face sunward. The border between dark and light is only a mile away. The colonists live in twilight.

At the landing pad, I met Abbot Flores, the head of the colony. Hiro, I really thought I had prepared myself for the thing for which the colonists of New Laverne are famous, but upon coming to the moment, I realized I had not taken it to heart. Redness bloomed upon the abbot’s hands, head, and feet, the gleaming jewel-like red of open wounds, oozing rosy fluid. Upon seeing this, my own heart bloomed with adrenaline; I would call it an animal intimacy, a shared pulse.


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