Autumn 2005 Contributors

Meet the creators of the stories, art, and non-fiction in our Autumn 2005 debut issue.

John Joseph Adams
photo by Ellen Datlow
Fiction ReviewJohn Joseph Adams is the assistant editor at The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. He reviews science fiction for Kirkus and audiobooks for Publishers Weekly. His non-fiction has also appeared in: Amazing Stories, The Internet Review of Science Fiction, Locus Magazine, Locus Online, and Science Fiction Weekly.
J.A. Bell Finders KeepersJ. Albert Bell currently resides in northern Virginia with his ferret, “Stinky,” where he works as a full-time freelance artist, and a part-time professional poker player (or sometimes, vice versa). He enjoys gourmet cooking and daydreaming; has successfully raised a son as a single father, been ranked as one of the top twenty Poker Tournament players by Card Player Magazine in 2002, and is currently marketing 2 novels and various short stories. This is his first publication.
Melody Cameron A Convocation of ClownsMel Cameron loves speculative fiction that produces an overwhelming sense of wonder. Recreating this feeling is her biggest reason for writing. She lives in southern Arizona with her husband and daughter.
Dario Ciriello Valley of the ShadowDario Ciriello works as a decorative painter by day to support his science fiction writing habit. He is a graduate of Clarion West, and can occasionally be seen at science fiction conventions, where he likes to wear ironed shirts and work out in the hotel gym. Dario maintains a website at
Edward Cox Nobody’s FoolEdward Cox is currently 33, a penniless student, and halfway through the second year of a three-year creative writing degree at the University of Luton, England. His previous writing credits are short stories, poems, and essays with: AlienSkin, Aoife’s Kiss, Aphelion, Between Kisses, Cracked Lenses, Dark Corners, Dark Krypt (Sept 2005), Hidden Corners, Illumen, Kenoma, Morpheus, Seasons in the Night (Sept 2005), The Wandering Troll, Whispers of Wickedness, and The Unholy Biscuit. Edward is also converting years of hoarded ideas into longer works of fiction, and his ongoing ‘Experiment’ stories can be read at Misanthropists Anonymous.
Richard S Crawford Interrupted Nap Richard S. Crawford – After a series of career mishaps which involved a coffee shop, a video store, and a stint as an improvisational actor at the Renaissance Faire, Richard managed to end up as a professional web developer and writer in the depths of Sacramento, California. He and his wife and their five cats would like to live in a stately old Victorian home in either Seattle or San Francisco, but they don’t.
Stephen M Dare White BurnStephen M. Dare has a masters in English from Illinois State University where he taught writing for several years. Currently he is a school bus driver, stay-at-home dad, high school tutor, and substitute teacher. He is also returning to college to obtain his teaching certificate. He writes literary horror and poetry, constantly revising pieces even after they are published. He loves to read classic literature by authors such as William Faulkner, Hemingway, Poe, and H.P. Lovecraft. Mr. Dare’s work has appeared in Black Petals, Lost in the Dark, The Harrow, and Simulacrum.
Kuzhali Manickavel Sour Hands Kuzhali Manickavel lives in a small temple town on the coast of South India and shares her living space with a cursed mango tree and a rhinoceros beetle in a shot glass.
Michael Mathews The ShoppersMichael Mathews is a former zookeeper and computer programmer. Recognizing the shortage of struggling new writers in the world, Michael generously agreed to put aside his dreams of animal husbandry and automated machines in order to write short stories about things like automated animals and machine husbandry. He lives in England with his incredibly understanding wife and children.
And Death Will Seize the Doctor, TooJeremiah Swanson is a short story writer and aspiring novelist/screenplay writer. He has been writing for a little over three years and has several stories appearing or forthcoming in small press magazines. He currently resides in southern New Jersey.

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