Review, Shimmer Winter 2007 issue

Chris Gerrib gave the Winter Shimmer issue quite a nice review

Second, I finally got around to reading the Winter 2007 issue of Shimmer Magazine. If you’re not subscribing to this magazine, you’re missing a real gem. This edition seemed to be heavy on fantasy stories, but still well worth the price of admission. Highlights include:
* Juana and the Dancing Bear by n. a. bourke (spelling his), a lovely fantasy story about a Spanish princess and a talking, dancing bear. It’s quite nice.
* Duets, by Philip J. Lees, is a story about a harpist whose got a way with the ladies. He gets a pleasant surprise from his latest conquest, a fellow musician.
* Michael Livingston’s Catch of the Day was an unusual first contact story, but quite interesting.
* Sparrow and Egg, by Amal El-Mohtar, was a very short but surprisingly touching story. It’s really a parable for parent-child relationships, and quite memorable.

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