Acquisitions for Issue 12

Issue 12, due later this year, is shaping up to be terrific. Here’s what we’ve aquired so far:

Red and Grandma Inside the Wolf, by Carmen Lau, a fresh take on a classic tale.

No Place Like Home, or, Building the Yellow Brick Road, by Krista Hoeppner Leahy: A secret history of the Wizard of Oz.

Crepuscular, by Ben Francisco: A snowman, a hairdryer, and tragedy.

Seek Him I’t’Other Place Yourself, by Josh Storey, an incredible Orpheus-inspired story.

An Organization Man in the Time Long After Legends, by Jen Waverly, a tale of a long and wearying battle against monsters.

Five Letters from New Laverne, by Monica Byrne, a breathtaking story of stigmata and love on a distant planet.

I’m really excited about all these, and looking forward to Issue 12.

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