Congrats to Nir Yaniv!

Nir’s story from Issue 10 was selected for the Year’s Best Fantasy and Science Fiction, edited by Rich Horton. Yay!

“A Painter, a Sheep, and a Boa Constrictor,” by Nir Yaniv (Translation by Lavie Tidhar)

“Please, draw me a sheep,” he said — he looked just like you — and I thought, oh my, the kid makes demands. I would have liked to be in the desert, beside the broken remains of my airplane, or anywhere else for that matter. But no — we were both in the space port, I who was thrown like a discarded tool from the bowels of a trading ship, and he, who had seemed to arrive from nowhere.

If you haven’t read Issue 10 yet, start reading today. It’s available in a print copy or free download.

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