An Enthusiastic Review of the Clockwork Jungle Book

Faithful reader C.S.E. Cooney waxes enthusiastic about the Clockwork Jungle Book.

I want you to know that it’s constantly surprising, often mind-blowing, and well-worth the read. Plus, there’s this woodcut of a wolf riding a unicycle that you MUST see…

And what about that tough-as-rusted-factory-works prose of Jay Lake in “Shedding Skin”? And then, the elegant despair of Susannah Mandel’s gentleman Monkey! Oh, and I won’t even TELL you about “Otto’s Elephant” by Vincent Pendergast because you have to find out for yourself!

I tell you, I never liked clockworks much, but I’m being wooed. I’m three stories away from succumbing to seduction. But never mind THAT. All I’m saying is…

Read Shimmer’s Clockwork Jungle.

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