Author Spotlight: Peter M. Ball

Author Peter M. Ball reads from, “The Mike and Carly Story,” which you can find in its glorious entirety in Issue 12 of Shimmer, now available!

So the trouble starts like this: Mike likes Carly and Carly doesn’t like him back. Mike’s trying to figure it out as best he can, then he turns fifteen and this werewolf thing happens – boom – and he spends three nights a month camping out in the middle of nowhere because a pining teenage werewolf and the full moon just aren’t a great combination. It’s enough to make you feel bad for the guy.

Click here to listen to Peter read from his story. (15mb, mp3)

Want to read the rest of the issue? Of course you do, because it’s all spectacular. Nine stories that will take you places you’ve never been before await you in Issue 12 of Shimmer.


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