2010 In Review

‘Tis the season for looking back at the fading year, and looking ahead to the fresh new year. What did Shimmer do in 2010? What are we dreaming up for 2011?

First, the numbers

We received over 1800 submissions in 2010, which seems like an astonishing number. Of those, just over a hundred, or 6%, were passed on to me for further consideration. We accepted only 14 stories in 2010, a tiny fraction of a percentage of the total submissions. I offer my sincere thanks to everyone who submitted to us, giving us such a rich wealth of stories to choose from! Keep ’em coming; our responses are fast and friendly.

I can’t tell you what percentage of submissions were from women vs men; we haven’t tracked that information, and there’s no reasonable way to sort out 1800 submissions now! But I can tell you that our acceptances were exactly equal: 7 women, 7 men. However, I think only two authors are from outside the US. I’d surely welcome more international submissions in 2011.

Next, the staff

We were sad to say good-bye to Managing Editor/Copy Editor Anne Zanoni, and Copy Editor Cheryl Walton. Both worked with Shimmer for several years, and made countless contributions to the quality of each issue. I know they’re having fabulous new adventures now!

And we were delighted to welcome three new staffers: Associate Editor Sophie Werely, Copy Editor Sän Inman, and Managing Editor Stacey Janssen.

My thanks to all Shimmery people, past and present, for everything you do to help us shine.


We’ve put a lot of effort into polishing up our web site this year, and put more energy into blog posts — check out our Wednesday series of Advice to Very New Writers.

We started our free mailing list. Sign up today and get a cool bonus story from Kelly Barnhill, as well as our monthly newsletter. It’s the best way to get more Shimmery treats, find out about sales, and get news on the status of our issues and the slush pile. Get stuff and stay informed!

And we released one delicious issue, the glorious #12.

Looking Ahead

We’ve got big things planned for next year.

In 2011, we’re on track to release three issues. Revitalization! Renewed enthusiasm! We’re still working on our exact calendar, but plan to have issues out around February, June, and October of next year. Woo!

(And they’ll be awesome, too. I promise.)

2011 will also be the year we master additional electronic formats. We’ll be available for Kindle and other formats, making it even easier and more convenient for you to read Shimmer.

We’re also dreaming up our next special issue: Young Adult. We’ll let you know all the juicy info about this issue soon. It’s going to be wonderful.

Thank you!

Thanks for being part of Shimmer in 2010; and I’m looking forward to our journey through 2011.

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