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Writers write. It’s what we do. To go above and beyond that, by answering interview questions they receive in email, is astounding indeed! For this round of Five Authors/Five Questions, I’ve barged into the workdays of Louise Marley, Lavie Tidhar, Lisa Mantchev, E.C. Myers, and Jay Lake.


Question five: If you could give new(er) writers one piece of advice for the coming year, what would it be?

Louise Marley: Write what you love!  Write what you’ll be proud to have written.  There are no guarantees in this show-business profession.  Maybe you’ll have a bestseller, maybe you’ll have a movie deal, maybe you’ll write a wonderful book that never gets the notice it deserves.  You simply can’t predict, and anyone who tells you they CAN predict these things is wrong.  What we can be certain about is that we, as artists, strive always to create something of value.  And have a heck of a lot of fun doing it!

Lavie Tidhar: Take a risk. Write something that makes you uncomfortable.

Lisa Mantchev: The same as always: treat it like a job. Put in the hours. Do the research. Behave professionally.

E.C. Myers: Set reasonable goals for yourself. You can’t control how many stories you sell, but you can control how many you write or submit. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get an agent, but you can decide to send three queries a week. You might not sell that novel, but you can make sure it’s the story you wanted to tell and it’s as good as it can be before going on submission.

Jay Lake: Write more. Whatever you’re doing, do more of it. Also, the time to write is there if you make it a priority in your life.


What would you tell a fellow author? Leave us a comment! My deep thanks to the authors for an amazing five weeks of questions and answers! Who will I pester next? Stay tuned!

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