Print Lives!

Shimmer has put a lot of energy into our digital versions lately: we’re available in Weightless and Amazon, and are currently working on getting issues up at Smashwords and other markets.

Recently, though, someone told us they had no idea we put out a print version. I guess in these increasingly digital times, it’s easy to overlook our print version.

Convenient as electronic versions are, though, there’s nothing quite like getting one of our print versions in the mail. Picture it: instead of the usual clutter of junk mail and bills, you get a sleek envelope from me. You rip it open and pull out a copy or two of Shimmer. You run your fingers over the glossy cover, admiring the exquisite art. You flip through the 100 or so perfect-bound pages. You slip your copy into your purse or backpack to read in a quiet moment during the day — it’s just the right size to carry around.

And you know that anyone who sees you reading it will be drawn to your obvious taste and intelligence.

Our print edition is great, and I want everyone to know about it.

So we’re having a sale.

All print editions are on sale! The coupon code “printlives” gets you 15% off any print versions until next Saturday, October 20th. Browse our Back Issues page, and see what delights call to you.

15% off on a sleek and sexy print version!

You know you want to.



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