Let’s Get Physical

Steven Long at Foes of Reality takes a look at Shimmer 16, and has some kind things to say:

On Shimmer’s home page it states that the magazine publishes “contemporary fantasy short stories, with a few ventures into science fiction or horror, and the stories tend to be tinged with sorrow (though we’re not averse to the occasional funny tale)” and I found this to be accurate. Shimmer has a distinct feeling to it: rawer than Apex and more surreal and fantasy-oriented than the classic science fiction that you might find in Clarkesworld. There was something very physical about some of the stories in issue #16 of Shimmer: an awareness of the body, the blood, and of mortality. Though the stories taken as a whole don’t turn away from the classic narrative shape they don’t embrace it, either, tending at times towards provocative, moody meditations on life, love, and death.

Mr. Long serves up some thoughts on each story–thank you Mr. Long!

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