Shimmer 18 – Jeff VanderMeer

jeffvandermeer-smallJeff VanderMeer’s story in Shimmer #18 ties into the same universe from which his new novels spring! It’s beginning to look a lot like fungi…


Tell us how “Fragments from the Notes of a Dead Mycologist” came about.

I was at San Luis park, took photos of lots of fungi then started to build a story around them. There are a couple of elements that echo little bits of ANNIHILATION although the stories are not connected.

Wonderbook recently published; tell us how this amazing book came to be.

THE STEAMPUNK BIBLE for Abrams Image was very successful. They had wanted to do a creative writing book for a while. When I pitched the project based on the Shared Worlds teen  writing camp, they asked if I would consider doing a general writing book instead.

I jumped at the opportunity because I knew it would be full color coffee table book. And they were willing to give me complete creative control over text , images and layout. The ability to realize the vision fully meant it could be a very layered book that you can dip into or read straight through. I am very happy with the reception of it.

What’s the best book you’ve read lately?

THE BOOK OF MIRACLES from Taschen books.

What’s in your iTunes/Spotify/8-track lately?

We Are Wolves. The latest Arcade Fire. I have also done a lot of listening to Three Mile Pilot and Lloyd Coles last two albums.

What’s your favorite Ray Bradbury book/story?

As a kid I remember SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES. Can’t really think of a single story that stands out as there are so many good ones.

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