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Five Questions with Shimmery Staff: Honey

We recently got a little distracted by bees an honey and how awesome both are, so a bonus honey round in the Shimmer Staffer questions! Victims Participants this time include: Beth Wodzinski, Sean Markey, Grá Linnaea, Sophie Wereley, and Keffy Kehrli.

We all agree that bees rock, so what’s your favorite kind of honey?

BW: Any kind that causes botulism in infants in a dystopian future. You just can’t win in a dystopia, man. (Fictional infants! Fictional!)

KK: I don’t actually know anything about bees. Therefore, I would have to say that my favorite kind of honey is the kind that has been harvested, packaged, and is on sale at a supermarket near me.

SM: Cinnamon 🙂

SW:  Wildflower! Bees actually need lots of different pollens and nectars to create honey that’s complex in its nutrient content. Clover, almond, orange blossom, and other single-flower honeys might actually stunt the health of a hive. Buy wildflower honey! Support your bee-buds!

GL: Clover! No, Blackberry! Wait … Mesquite!

Keffy Kehrli and Beth Wodzinski In Conversation

The Locus Roundtable was brave kind enough to have Shimmer‘s Editor in Chief Beth Wodzinski and Editor Keffy Kehrli into the studio for another round of their audio interviews.

What’s in store for issues 14, 15, and beyond? What does it take to rise out of the slush pile? Rejectomancy! (Send more? We mean it.) Unicorns! Piers Anthony! “Bullet Oracle Instinct”! Squid!  And what’s up with Keffy’s physics degree anyhow?