Author Spotlight: Blake Hutchins

Blake Hutchins and Badger

Blake Hutchins offers this delightful story of a Jackdaw whose project becomes a little more than he imagined. I love the Badger; Jackdaw’s lucky to have her in his life — and we’re lucky to have “The Jackdaw’s Wife” in the Clockwork Jungle Book.

Click here to listen to Blake’s reading (2mb, MP3).

An excerpt:

“A galvanic heart,” Jackdaw breathed, hardly believing his luck. “Advanced etheric science. Complicated. Rare.”

“Humph.” Badger tilted her head and took the cheroot from her mouth, holding it delicately between two black claws. “What’s it good for?”

“What’s it good for? What’s it good for?” Jackdaw jumped up and down in a frenzy. “Maker love us, it gives things life. Life!” He forced himself to stop and preen. When he felt calmer, he added, “A power source to animate matter with spirit.” The mantle between his shoulders flufed with excitement.

Badger tapped ash off her cheroot. “This means another project, I suppose.”

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