Author Spotlight: James L. Cambias

James L. Cambias
James L. Cambias

This is the final installment in our Clockwork Jungle Book author reading series. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know the authors a little better!

Our final author is James L. Cambias, who reads from his marvelous Teutonic steampunk story “The Wolf and the Schoolmaster.” Victorious but conflicted wolves on unicycles!

An excerpt:

When I returned to Totenburg after three months in the hills, the changes astonished me. Most of the damage of the War of Restoration was gone. Where there had been blocks of ruins, machines were digging foundations for new towers of glass and steel.

I steered my steam unicycle through the streets, hoping for enough pressure to make the climb to the castle. As I chugged past a group of old women bringing baskets back from the city market, I gave them a nod and salute. “Good morning, Citizens!”

They stared at me, a little fearful. I didn’t mind. Before the restoration they would have cowered in terror, and they would have been right to do so. The Baron Von Tod occasionally turned us wolf troopers lose on civilians when he thought they looked rebellious, or when he was in a bad mood, or just bored.

Click here to listen to James read. (21mb, MP3) And read our interview here.

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