Shimmer #13: Interview Index

So many outstanding stories in Issue #13, and we’re treating you to a little extra content from the authors themselves!  Follow the links to read what they had to say about their Shimmer #13 stories, and the creative process. Squid and unicorns–Shimmer #13 is special.

“Bullet Oracle Instinct,” by K.M. Ferebee

“Labrusca Cognatus,” by Erik T. Johnson

“Gutted,” by L.L. Hannett

“Frosty’s Lament,” by Richard Larson

“All the Lonely People,” by E.C. Myers

“Haniver,” by J.J. Irwin

“Dogs,” by Georgina Bruce

“Barstone,” by Stephen Case

“A Window, Clear as a Mirror,” by Ferrett Steinmetz

“Four Household Tales,” by Poor Mojo’s Giant Squid

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