Shimmer #16 Table of Contents

Shimmer #15 is reviewed by the indomitable Lois Tilton, and as if that weren’t enough of a gift, we’ve got the table of contents for Shimmer #16 right here!

Ordinary Souls, by K.M. Szpara

Goodbye Mildred, by Charlie Bookout

Opposable Thumbs, by Gregory Leunig

Word and Flesh, by Dennis Ginoza

The Revelation of Morgan Stern, by Christie Yant

The Binding of Memories, by Cate Gardner

The Death and Life of Bob, William Jablonsky

The Sky Whale, by Rebecca Emanuelsen

Tasting of the Sea, by A.C. Wise

Lighting the Candles, by Laura Hinkle

Gemini in the House of Mars, Nicole M. Taylor

The Haunted Jalopy Races, by M. Bennardo

In Light of Recent Events I Have Reconsidered the Wisdom of Your Space Elevator, Helena Bell

Beyond pleased with this line up and cannot wait to share these stories with you. We can do that this fall!

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