Shimmer #15, reader survey

Shimmer #15 is making its way through the world. It stops every now and then, to fan through its own pages and marvel at the words, the art, and then it picks itself up and carries on. Oh, it glimpses toward Mars, wondering, but then brings itself back to Earth, resolved. Still, it wonders…

…what do they like best of me? Is there anything? I am filled with, yes, multitudes. So much gorgeous in a slim, glossy package!

Don’t keep Shimmer #15 in suspense!

Drop by our reader survey and let us know what you thought of the issue. That way, we can let Shimmer #15 know, and maybe, just maybe, it will no longer dream of Mars, but will instead dream of you.

If you include your email, you will be eligible to win free a back issue of your choice! Shimmer #15 insisted. One needs good reading when one wanders the universe. We will also ask the author to pretty please let us share the wonder with you on our site!

The poll will run until August 31, 2012.

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