Shimmer #17: Reader’s Choice

The results are in and…

Robert N. Lee
Robert N. Lee

It’s “98 Ianthe” by Robert N. Lee that is your favorite read from Shimmer #17! (“The Metaphor of the Lakes” by Yarrow Paisley came in second, for them keeping track!)

If you haven’t read Robert’s story yet, here is your opportunity. Enjoy!

98 Ianthe, by Robert N. Lee.

You used to be in the band; now you work on the asteroid. People you have to work with, they ask about it all the time when they find out. And they always find out—somebody always tells them. They all want to know what that’s like. “You used to be in the band? And now you work on the asteroid?”

They always think they’re the first ones to ask. You can tell because they always start with “You must get asked this a lot…” and nobody really ever means what they say—they always mean the opposite.

Want the complete issue? It includes fiction from: Sunny Moraine, A.C. Wise, Alex Dally MacFarlane, Alex Wilson, Damien Angelica Walters, Silvia Moreno Garcia, and more!

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