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300_Shimmer 27 September 2015Dearest Readers,

In our 2015 survey, you just could not decide between all the wonderful stories we published when we asked for your favorite. But slowly, two rose to the top, like cream!

“Dustbaby” by Alix E. Harrow, and “The Law of the Conservation of Hair,” by Rachael K. Jones were tied for favorites! Both stories were from Shimmer #27.

Lessons from this: publish more stories from authors who use their middle initials!

(The best news is, all the stories were published were someone’s favorite.)

Thanks for voting, readers!

One thought on “Readers’ Favorites”

  1. I will selflessly volunteer to test this lesson. You know, if you really think you need to test it. 😀

    (Jokes aside, huzzah! So many excellent stories in Shimmer it’s always hard to choose a favourite.)

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