Tiptree Honors

On Friday, we learned that Gabriela Dami├ín Miravete won the 2018 Tiptree Award for her story, “They Will Dream in the Garden.”

The honors list was also published, and on it, a host of great fiction that explores and ponders gender. “Me, Waiting for Me, Hoping for Something More” by Dee Warrick, from the January 2018 issue of Shimmer, was included.

The Tiptree folks said:

This visceral story with vivid writing explores in a literalized way the dysphoria that can come with being trans. The monster in the basement works as both a powerful metaphor and a plot device.

In addition to Shimmer‘s inclusion, we were delighted to see Glittership Year Two, edited by Keffy Kherli on the list. Keffy is Shimmer family, having been a reader for us way back when. Yay Glittership! (What other kind of ship could you possibly take, after having worked at Shimmer?)

One more shout out to Meg Elison, whose F&SF story, “Big Girl,” also made the honor list! We had the honor of publishing Meg in Shimmer #44.

This year, the panel also published an expanded HOORAY list, including The Mere Wife by Maria Dahvana Headley, and Clarkesworld, and Tor, and Mother of Invention, and Strange Horizons, and Analog, and Lightspeed and Asimov’s, and *takes breath* so much awesome.

We are honored to be included, and hope you will explore the amazing fiction on the Tiptree Honor List! (If you explore prior years, you will see a BUNCH of Shimmery folks. ♥)

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