Last Dance

It’s the last time shimmer can be on the Hugo Awards ballot. It’s never happened. Will it? The suspense is terrible! I hope it will last!

Our cover artist, Sandro Castelli, is eligible in the fan artist category. Our editor, E. Catherine Tobler, is eligible in the short form editor category. And Shimmer itself is eligible in the semiprozine category.

What did we publish last year? Here’s the list! (Each and every story is a short story by the Hugo definition, 7500 words or lesss.)

Black Fanged Thing, by Sam Rebelein
An Incomplete Catalogue of Miraculous Births, or, Secrets of the Uterus Abscondita, by Rebecca Campbell
Me, Waiting for Me, Hoping For Something More, by Dee Warrick
Held, by Ian O’Reilly
The Triumphant Ward of the Railroad and the Sea by Sara Saab
They Have a Name For That by Sara Beitia
The Imitation Sea by Lora Gray
If a bear… by Kathrin Köhler 
Faint Voices, Increasingly Desperate, by Anya Johanna DeNiro
Gone to Earth, by Octavia Cade 
What the Skeleton Detective Tells You (while you picnic), by Katherine Kendig
You, In Flux, by Alexis A. Hunter
The Passenger, by Emily Lundgren 
Milkteeth, by Kristi DeMeester 
Bleeding Through the Shadows, by David Rees-Thomas
Rapture, by Meg Elison 
The Ghost Pet Detective, by Ryan Row 
By the Hand That Casts It, by Stephanie Charette
Find On Your Body the Bruise, by Maricat Stratford
Lighthouse Waiting, by Gwendolyn Clare 
Dead Things, by Becca De La Rosa 
Rotkäppchen by Emily McCosh 
The Witch in the Woods Falls in Love For a Third Time, by Kate Lechler
Streuobstwiese, by Steve Toase 
Lake Mouth, by Casey Hannan
40 Facts About the Strip Mall at the Corner of Never and Was, by Alex Acks
Antumbra, by Cory Skerry 
The Time Traveler’s Husband, by A. C. Wise
Tyrannocora Regina, by Leonie Skye 
Rust and Bone, by Mary Robinette Kowal
From the Void, by Sarah Gailey 
Thistledown Sky, by Stephen Case
Ghosts of Bari, by Wren Wallis

Authors in their first year of eligibility for the John W. Campbell Award are: Leonie Skye.

Shimmer authors in their second year of eligibility for the Campbell are: Ashley Blooms, Emily Lundgren, and Lina Rather.

Ballots are due by March 15. We thank you for your consideration this year, and every year — thank you for taking this journey with us!

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