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Issue 12 Reviews!

First up, Lois Tilton weighs in at Locus in her short fiction review. Monica Byrne’s “Five Letters from New Laverne,” a “moving story of love and loss,” garnered the coveted Recommended. The other stories also fared well — check out the full review to see what else Lois thought.

And over at the Fantastic Reviews blog, Aaron really liked Erin Cashier’s “Near the Flame.”  He says Shimmer is “…one of the best (and best looking) semiprozines in the market.” and “Near the Flame” is a memorable tale featuring a powerful narrative voice. Erin Cashier is a subtle author, yet the nuances of her writing never distract from the story.”

Thanks, Lois and Aaron!

Find out more about Issue 12 here.

An Enthusiastic Review of the Clockwork Jungle Book

Faithful reader C.S.E. Cooney waxes enthusiastic about the Clockwork Jungle Book.

I want you to know that it’s constantly surprising, often mind-blowing, and well-worth the read. Plus, there’s this woodcut of a wolf riding a unicycle that you MUST see…

And what about that tough-as-rusted-factory-works prose of Jay Lake in “Shedding Skin”? And then, the elegant despair of Susannah Mandel’s gentleman Monkey! Oh, and I won’t even TELL you about “Otto’s Elephant” by Vincent Pendergast because you have to find out for yourself!

I tell you, I never liked clockworks much, but I’m being wooed. I’m three stories away from succumbing to seduction. But never mind THAT. All I’m saying is…

Read Shimmer’s Clockwork Jungle.

Honorable Mentions in Year’s Best Horror

Wow, Ellen Datlow listed ten Shimmer stories in the honorable mentions! Thanks, Ellen! And congrats to the authors. The full listing is at Ellen’s blog, and lists a wealth of wonderful stories and poems.

Slatter, Angela “Dresses, Three,” Shimmer 8
Slatter, Angela “The Hummingbird Heart,” Shimmer 9
Marchand, Joy “The Shape of her Sorrow,” Shimmer 9
Hobson, M.K. “The Hand of the Devil on a String,” Shimmer 9
Wallace, Tinatsu “Chimera and Qi,” Shimmer 9
Genge, Sara “Counting Down to the End of the Universe,” Shimmer 10
Wilson, Alex “The Spoils of Springfield,” Shimmer 10.
Lalumière, Claude “What to Do With the Dead,” Shimmer 10.
Paxson, Caitlyn “The Carnivale of Abandoned Tales,” Shimmer 10.
Yaniv, Nir “A Painter, a Sheep, and a Boa Constrictor,” Shimmer 10.


Congrats to Nir Yaniv!

Nir’s story from Issue 10 was selected for the Year’s Best Fantasy and Science Fiction, edited by Rich Horton. Yay!

“A Painter, a Sheep, and a Boa Constrictor,” by Nir Yaniv (Translation by Lavie Tidhar)

“Please, draw me a sheep,” he said — he looked just like you — and I thought, oh my, the kid makes demands. I would have liked to be in the desert, beside the broken remains of my airplane, or anywhere else for that matter. But no — we were both in the space port, I who was thrown like a discarded tool from the bowels of a trading ship, and he, who had seemed to arrive from nowhere.

If you haven’t read Issue 10 yet, start reading today. It’s available in a print copy or free download.

Tangent reviews Issue 10

Bob Blough over at Tangent Online posted a review of Issue 10, with lovely things to say about each story.

“They are unfailingly well written, which gives hope for the future of the genre. … Read this issue of Shimmer to get a look at the future giants of the field.”

Our authors are already giants to me, but I expect even greater things from them all in the future.

Grab your copy of issue 10 today: either the free electronic version or the sleek print edition.

Issue 10 reviews

IROSF reviews Issue 10 (free registration required). Our cover story, Caitlyn Paxson’s “Carnivale of Abandoned Tales” gets a Recommended, as does Becca De La Rosa’s “River Water.” It’s a “highly imaginative look at love and death and storytelling,” Lois Tilton says. We completely agree. Thanks, Lois!

Sam Tomaino at SF Review weighs in: The stories in Shimmer are like pieces of rich fudge, all very different but quite delicious. It is worthy of our support.

Grab your copy of Issue 10 today: you can download the electronic edition for free, or subscribe. Delicious stories waiting to be read!

Art Issue Review

The Fix reviewed Shimmer’s Art Issue.
” …this is a solid example of good fantastical short fiction, and an issue of Shimmer well worth acquiring.”

Be sure to check out the rest of the review, which covers the strengths and weaknesses of every story in the issue.[eshop_show_add_to_cart id=176]

Pirate Review and Interview With JJA

Grasping for the Wind had this to say:

These ten stories and 1 interview are well written, and were good choices for a speculative fiction magazine’s issue on pirates. The fantasy, horror and/or sci-fi elements were neatly incorporated into the pirate stories.

Check out the full review here.

They also have an interview with John Joseph Adams (of Fantasy and Science Fiction), who guest edited the pirate issue.

GFTW: You were recently invited to be a guest editor for the Pirate Issue of Shimmer Magazine. What was your approach to choosing stories for this issue?

JJA: One of the things I wanted to do with the Pirate Issue is have a broad range of pirate stories, which took some liberties interpreting the term “pirate.” Of course, there are some stories in the issue that are your typical iconic Caribbean-style pirate, but it was important to me to have a certain diversity represented. So that was one factor.

You can read the rest of the interview here.
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