Shimmer #15

We are anticipating a spring release for Shimmer #15 and I wanted to give you a sneak peek of what’s coming!

“The Undertaker’s Son,” by Nicole Taylor takes us into the life of young Albert, a boy who has strange talents when it comes to the dead.

“What, Fireworks,” by Dustin Monk explores a curious town which may be anchored in our reality or another. This story calls to mind Nick Bantock’s Griffin and Sabine, because you’re not quite sure exactly where the ground is from moment to moment.

Ever had your email hacked? “Signal Jamming” by Oliver Buckram shows us a future where an escaped convict wreaks the worst possible havoc imaginable, via email.

Megan Arkenburg’s “Harrowing Emily” takes us on another journey with the dead, only her heroines are seemingly less skilled than young Albert.

K.M. Ferebee returns to Shimmer‘s pages with “The Bird Country,” a story that has haunted me since I first read it a couple years ago. I’m quite pleased to have it in this issue.

“A Cellar of Terrible Things” is opened by Mari Ness, and what happened there will haunt you.

Milo James Fowler brings us “Soulless in His Sight,” a story that evokes memories of The Road. We are exposed to a raw post-apocalyptic world where one truly needs a soul to survive.

As with every issue, we’ll have special online content relating to these stories, too, including interviews with the authors, giving you insight into their process for writing the stories.

With Shimmer #16, we’re expanding. More stories! More authors! More art! If you enjoy what Shimmer brings you, why not subscribe before the price goes up? Four issues, delivered hard copy or electronic. Your choice! We have wonderful things in store. Come with us!

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