Shimmer Goes Weightless

Considering all the cake I eat, it’s silly…being weightless…but of course I mean Weightless Books!

Shimmer 14 cover
Shimmer Issue 14

We are super stoked to announce that Shimmer is now available at Weightless Books. Our current issue, #14, is there, but all future issues will be there as well, and, of course, back issues!

For all your electronic Shimmery needs, you can easily access our page here, which includes cover art and sneak peeks at each and every story.

Back issues will be added in PDF-only, but future issues will be released in PDF, mobi, and epub, and of course they will be DRM-free.

Shimmer on, people. Shimmer on!

One thought on “Shimmer Goes Weightless”

  1. Awesome! My phone hates PDFs and Weightless is where I already get all my other zines!

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